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11 Willard Street
North Grafton MA 01536


The Willard House & Clock Museum is a historic place with festive roots, right in the heart of Massachusetts. Come visit us for a guided tour of our museum.

Clock Making in New England 1725-1825


Clock Making in New England 1725-1825


Clock Making in New England 1725-1825


Keeping track of time's ever-rolling stream is done with ingenuity, elegance, beauty, and surprising accuracy by the clocks displayed in the J. Cheney Wells Clock Gallery at Old Sturbridge Village. Our forebears had a special understanding of the place of time in their lives for it was by creative and productive use of those precious hours left after the bare needs for subsistence and shelter had been met that the torches of learning and culture were kept ablaze. The antique clocks and their makers presented in this catalog reflect dedication to quality as well as mechanical competence and design skill. It is our hope that this publication will provide an important new perspective on some of New England's foremost craftsmen and entrepreneurs and the products of their labors which now serve yet another generation of an admiring public.  ---Crawford Lincoln, President, Old Sturbridge Village, July, 1992

Though it was published twenty-six years ago, this publication remains pertinent and an asset to any student in the study of American clock making.

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